November 22, 2021 2 min read

You may be wondering, having seen the rise in popularity of Galaxy Projectors, whether they are worth purchasing. So, why would we recommend buying one?

Galaxy projectors offer an indoor tailorable experience, whether in your bedroom, living room, office or realistically any space within your home where you might wish to use the product. Fortunately, it is a gadget which comes with no negatives to your health unlike bright screen projectors or other disco-like apparatus. With no distressing effects your eyes will be free to relax and enjoy the view of customisable constellations.

Now, you might be wondering, are there any benefits? There have so far been little to no studies on whether Galaxy projectors can improve quality or longevity of sleep if used before bed time, however it has long been known that quality of sleep improves greatly when both mind and body are de-stressed. Galaxy projectors are able to provide just this.

Our daily lives are surrounded by laptops, television screens and harsh lighting both indoors and outdoors. We often become unaware of just how much our eyesight is strained, often failing to notice that it is the primary cause of our fatigue, migraines and anxiety. AstrolLight aims to deliver a product which is able to both provide a nice atmosphere to relax the user(s) while also giving a fun and pleasant view which does not tire the eyes.

Physiologically speaking a lighting which creates a calming atmosphere can beneficially impact the mind, causing you to reach a state of calmness and recharge. This is because it allows for you to immerse yourself in a changed space - a night sky in your own room. A relaxed mind and a good aura are guaranteed to improve not only your mood but also your sleep quality; often helping restless sleepers to fall into a deeper sleep.

It would be far fetched to say that Galaxy lighting can cure depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc,. We can however attest that it can improve your mood and restlessness. It is not a “fix” but rather a device which will allow oneself to disengage from daily stresses, or perhaps even provide a nice relaxing animation in the background of doing work or homework.

This product is safe to use for children, it is compact and does not have any exposed electrical parts which might bring harm. It is also a nice addition into your child’s room or nursery.

Many customers have also reviewed our product as being a good tool for those with Autism and ADHD as it provides a great sensory experience.